Women’s Health- Everyone deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare including women's access to reproductive health care and birth control.  When women are healthy, families are healthy and that positively impacts all Ohioans.    

      Ryan strongly believes that all women deserve access to affordable, quality healthcare.  This needs to be a priority in employer health plans, and support should be provided to community programs that serve vulnerable populations.  As a working mom who was also completing her degrees, Ryan’s family was able to use family planning so that she could continue her education and employment.  

Opioid Epidemic – The opioid epidemic has had an undeniable impact on our families and communities. We need policies that provide comprehensive drug treatment and hold drug companies accountable for their role in creating this crisis. 

      Prevention is key. There are evidence - based programs for prevention,  treatment and enforcement in limited use. These programs should  be implemented on a county and statewide basis.  Merely putting addicts in jail  does not solve addiction. We need policies that provide comprehensive drug treatment and hold drug companies accountable for their role in creating this crisis.

Economic Development– We must support economic development policies that grow and attract living-wage jobs so our citizens and communities can thrive. 

      We must invest in our communities to ensure a quality of life that supports all citizens. Ryan believes that tax credits and incentives need to be carefully and responsibly utilized and should only benefit companies that are paying a living wage and can demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy and sustainability.

Education We must invest in quality education that supports educators in all districts and prepares all our children to be career and college ready and have the tools they need to be successful in life. 

      As a college instructor Ryan sees first hand that students who had access to a solid K-12 experience are motivated and able to complete their post-secondary training. Students with a solid educational foundation understand career and workforce opportunities and spend less time in developmental classes to “catch up” to their peers. Ryan has a firm understanding of how important education is to help lift families out of poverty and how education is a catalyst for generational change.

Environmental/Sustainability -Renewable energy is important and necessary as a priority and should be supported legislatively in Ohio.

      Ryan wants Ohio to be friendly to residents, industry, and businesses who are aiming to reduce their footprint. Current regulations that hamper renewable energy programs need to be reversed; renewable energy and sustainability should be encouraged, not discouraged.